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Originally posted by ragejg
Ok, so you're wondering why I don't want to draw parallels?

Stay here for A WHILE and you'll see the difference in "discussion progression" betwen here and other places. Excuse me, but nvnews is totally unique IMO... it's not just "the mods run a tight ship", but it's more like "this community holds itself together well"... I've been around PLENTY of console discussions around here... and, um, they don't go to crap. They benifit people.

that wasn't a rant, just my take... I do see where you're coming from, Johnmcl7 & B&R... I just feel that this community is in fact very unique... I wouldn't say it if I haven't been elsewhere...
I have been here for a while, you can browse this forum without registering, even now I don't post much. And to be honest (nothing against this site) I see nothing unique here, there still seems to be plenty of flames when there's disagreement (just look back to the NV35 launch) just as there are on pretty much every other forum. Just recently there was all that nonsense between Digitalwanderer and shipping fees or something stupid that 'went to crap', so I have to just laugh about the difference in "discussion progression"

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