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Default Re: Is getting free Wi-Fi from the neighborhood illegal?

Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
AES 256 has not been cracked, so i dont know were your getting that WPA2 is easy to crack and no, dictionary attacks arent considered cracking.
Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
VPN is one part of a multi layered security model, if used in conjunction with WPA2 and ipsec with radius authentication and token key entry, no way is anybody getting in threw the front door.
I also use openvpn on my server at home so that when im in a pinch and need to use a public Ap, i just vpn back to my sever and bouch my requests out of of that network, safe, secure and no way is anyone going to sniff my traffic.
There is a program called Aircrack that can crack WPA2 as well as with 128bit AES, Aircrack is found to be the most powerful program support CPU multi-cores, it can do 1 million keys or more in a min by brutal force. Watch this clip on Youtube how the guy crack WPA2 with AES and it took 2 secs to find very strong password (-=Xploitz=- C0nn3cti0n=-) that are not found in the dictionary.

Also there is a program called Ettercap that can sniff VPN traffic to recover VPN username & password. Watch the clip on Youtube how to hacking VPN with Ettercap on Linux.

I had a problem running Aircrack and Ettercap for Windows, it didnt seemed to detect my Wifi and LAN hardware so Linux versions may work. I probably could try download BackTrack 3 Linux later which has all the tools include Ettercap and aircrack to try out.

No networks are safe and secured. My college Management Information System lecturer in 1997 told that networks security will never be 100% safe and secured, here no such as 100% security. I am surprised he right about it. Looked what happened to The Pentagon's biggest hacking of all time.
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