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Originally Posted by Sasha_A View Post
My humble opinion is that if there were more work done on the part of the kernel (a subsystem of some kind, to deal directly with the hardware), then the nvidia driver might be able to accomplish more, by having to do less on its own, but at the same time, I understand that there are just so many video cards out there that this is a rather lofty idea.
Nobody is perfect, but neither intel nor AMD are having anywhere near as much trouble as Nvidia is. Their 3D performance is similar, but their 2D performance is far better. That is in general, ignoring problems with newer applications like KDE 4, which had its first stable release in January (although it's actual stability was not perfect) and a x.1 release a few weeks ago, or Firefox 3, which had its first stable release in mid-June (over a month and a half ago). They have had since November, when the first public betas of KDE 4 were released, to begin working on the problem. Neither AMD nor Intel has had any problem supporting the newer applications either. ATI, Intel, and even Nouveau have support for randr 1.2. So these problems are unique to Nvidia. If nobody else has a problem working well with Linux besides Nvidia, that indicates that the problem most likely lies with Nvidia and not with everyone else. Unless of course you imagine there is some sort of conspiracy to specifically hurt Nvidia, which I have not seen any evidence for.
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