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Default Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Pardon the thread title - this isn't going to be flamebait.

I've got $300 in my pocket from working band camps (no flute jokes, please; I have a tuba) and an aging X1900XT in my computer. The DVI connectors are going loose and causing the screen to turn funny colors if I sneeze too hard, so I am looking to buy a card soon.

Besides a short stint in the 7xxx series that I enjoyed, I have been in Red Camp since the 8500 way back when. I have absolutely nothing against nVidia, that's just where my money was better spent. I think wanderlust is setting in.

I just finished checking prices around, and there are some GTX260s dropping nicely below the 4870s. All the reviews I read are very close. I want to make sure I am spending my money wisely, as this is most likely the last card I am going to get for about 3 years unless something catastrophic happens.

Like I said, you're not dealing with the troll or flambait here, I am seriously stuck in the middle and can't figure out which camp to throw my money to. Why should I go with a GTX 260 over the 4870?
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