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Default 780a Hybrid SLi 280 GTX heat problem in power save mode

So I dumped my 4870 Crossfire setup in hopes that with a nForce 780a (Asus M3N-HT Deluxe) and 2 x 280 GTXs, I could turn off my cards to save power and more importantly generate less heat when just web browsing. The problem problem that I am having is that when I switch the Hybrid SLi setup to save power it should completely shutoff my 2 280 GTXes. When I switch it to save power the fans on my 280s shutoff completely (which I would expect if the card is going to completely shutoff), but the cards continue to heat up in save power mode. It gets to the point where they get almost too hot to touch (I turn it back to performance mode before I let it get any hotter). Why do the cards continue to generate so much heat if they are supposed to be completely shuttoff? This is a pretty serious issue because if you leave your Hybrid SLi setup on save power you could fry your cards!

Anyone else have a Hybrid SLi setup, and have you noticed the same thing.
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