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Default Re: Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
You should kiss everybody behind who bought the ATI card, if it was not for them your GTX 260 would sell for much more money.
Some off the NVIDIA fanboys still have a hard time too see how good the present ATI offering is.
Lucky for them it didn't take NVIDIA long time to figure it out.
I think I'm gonna quote Evox here :

Originally Posted by Evox View Post
Take the stick out of your ass and you would realise he's just joking. If you can't take a light hearted joke, that's your problem.
Seriously, you're a good guy usually, but since the new ATI cards came out, you've been acting like an ass, overreacting to anything said against (or even simply not in favor of) ATI.

The 4xxx series is good, really good, we all know it (ok, almost all of us know ) (and, by the way, this is testified by long term nvidia users having switched to the red camp), but please, give it a rest.

Mind you, I'm not attacking you in any way or form, I'm pointing out that you should cheer up a little. Seriously, your liver would be gratefull
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