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Default Re: Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
I just can believe it, you're using evon qoute from a tread which was started by Slappi, obvious ATI basher and troll poster. The tread was closed immediately by CaptNKILL. Good timing before it developed in one huge flame war.

Obviously there was nothing funny in that tread. If you have a hard time to get it, would you find anything funny about it if some obvious troller posted the same about the NVIDIA cards?
So you can see evox was not right and replys like that are only good flame starter and your post is not any better.
Why didn't you let DarkOneX reply and if he was trying to be funny about ATI why not use a little smiley specialy with GTX 260 in his signature in a tread where the ATI and NVIDIA is being compared.

I sure do not apreciate your lecturing and I'am not going to get in the argument with you about who is acting like and ass also you better check my postings before you start attacking me.
Anyway this is my last reply on the subject and even that is little more than you deserve.
Dude its thread, not tread. LOL, your killing me guy.
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