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Default Re: Some HTML/CGI/Perl i don't know what language help needed!

k, ill throw in some help here.

first, you need to rename each field to a name that describes what it is (ie usernameTextbox, passwordTextbox, etc.). set the name and id fields to that value for each text box. second, make sure the password field type is set to password. you may want to add a second so users have to enter it twice.

on the checklogin.php page you can obtain the variable values using the $_POST['nameoftextbox'] superglobal variable. make sure each field has data entered by using if($_POST['variable'] != "") statements (you can include all of them at once using an AND (&&) operator.

then you need to create your database (use phpmyadmin or a similar mysql admin tool to make it easier). then create the connection in the php page and connect, escape the info to be entered (to protect your db) then execute a query to enter the info.

im sorry, this must seem overwhelming. if you have a steam ID, pm it to me and i will be happy to help you through it when i can. sorry i dont have time right now but i will be back to answer questions.
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