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Originally posted by nutiu

4. To see what this problem looks like when it is happening: try autodetect in 3-D clock settings. The 2-D screen's brightness will have intensity modulation. I have a hypothesis on why this causes the symptom as well: During "autodetect" the ASIC is sinking power like crazy, thus any power supply deficiency will show up.

5. I also have a slight noise during screen scroll in IE. I haven't bothered to check where the noise is coming from, though, but I actually thought it was kinda cool although this looks like another power supply issue.

#4...this is exactly what I reported privately to nVidia and I think it does have some relation to the problem at hand. Nice pick-up on your part.

#5...I don't see the flicker at all in 2D but I do notice it slightly in 3D when the mouse wheel is engaged (Logitech MX-700).

Excellent analysis...I hope it helps fix the issue!
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