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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by particleman View Post
Much like the 8800GTX was faster than a 8800GT/GTS, I think the 280GTX is going to be faster than the die shrink. The main problem for nVidia with the 280GTX is the die size and how much it costs to produce, it is without question faster than a 4870 (I have owned 2 4870s and now 2 280GTXs). With the price of a 280GTX only @ 100 bucks more than a 4870, it is the better buy at the moment IMO. What you will most likely see with the refresh is a smaller chip that is cheaper to produce but not necessarily faster.
I disagree, for the simple fact that Nvidia had a sizeable lead on ATI at the time of the 8800GTX, but this is not the case this round. In fact, when the 4870X2 is released next wekk, Nividia will clearly be in second place and they know it. This is why the 280b or 290 is going to be more than just a die shrink. Nvidia doesn't like to be behind ATI. This round is much different than it was with the 8800GTX.
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