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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by particleman View Post
Well given how horribly 4870 crossfire scales in Crysis, 2 280GTXs outperforms 2 4870X2 in Crossfire.
Crossfire has nothing to do with scaling in Crysis and everything to do with the design of the card. The 4870 is never going to be faster than the 280 at Crysis regardless of driver releases. Nvidia spent a good deal of money optimizing the 280 design for Crysis and it Crysis. However, ATI has showed that the 4870's design is 90% as fast as the 280 in almost every other game. I think tha's a fair trade-off considering the selling price, especially since most people don't care about Crysis anyway. Crysis is a marketing tool for Nivida, a game to simply show of the abilities of the 280 and say, "We run it faster", but no one really cares which is why the 4870 is selling so well.
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