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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
It doesn't matter. He mentioned "very high", and that was enough.

Even a CrossfireX system with 2 4870X2's can't run that game on very high at a smooth framerate. Neither can 2 280's.

1680*1050, AA2x, AF8x, VSync OFF, No hacking, DX10.0, Everything to Very High, and OS is Vista 64. Both cards are really sweating, 81C - 80C which means SLI scales to the max.

Seriously if HD4870X2 can't handle Crysis as supposed to that's your problem, as i stated before HD4800 series sucks in DX10.0. I can't wait for major epic fail in Age of Conan when they add DX10.0 path. As far as my experience is totally playable and it runs smooth. I was bitching about Crysis for a year, cause it wasn't acceptable for me under 2x8800GTX even on high settings. When i played Crysis first time with GTX280, i was like whoa. Played whole game with everything very high, except for objects (high), AA2x, AF8x and it was running great, playable and smooth. I was suspicious that card will run Crysis that well just in first mission or so, but hell no...The whole game performed as supposed to. Only, the very last mission on big ship slowed down though, but not a big deal.

I added this second's ****ing unbeliavable. I'm not sure what those review sites do with their setup but i noticed that whatever they test has no ****ing connection with real world.
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