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Default Sudden Shutdowns?

Hey guys,

I got my BFG GeForce 280 GTX OC2 yesterday and popped it into the PC. When I first started it, the green light at the back was red and wasn't doing much... so I restarted again and again... then finally the green go light came on and the monitor switched on allowing me to install drivers, so I did.

I then went to play... yes you guessed it, crysis and everything was going ok until a really weird high pitched ticking noise started coming from the PC... it got faster and faster and louder, then the PC just shut off. So I started it back up again without a problem, played around... tried Race Driver GRID, seemed ok... went back into crysis and again, weird noise and shutdown. I then downloaded FurMark and started to run that, within 20 seconds of starting to run it... it shutdown without any weird noise build up... so now i've RMA'd the card and am planning to send it back but I'm wondering if my PSU has anything to do with it?

I'm running a 800W Dual Rail PSU so I just dont know whats wrong, I can run x2 8800GT 512MB on SLi but one 280 and the whole thing dies? Before you all ask, the GPU seemed to run idle at 48C and the Ambient temp of the GPU was 38C. I'm not sure if it overheated coz I just shutdown and cant read any temps lol

Any help or advice would be great

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