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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Or you could get a motherboard with an integrated gpu and get everything a bit cheaper. The amd 780G is really something when it comes to decoding blu-ray movies, and coupled with an energy efficient(maybe even passively cooled) processor and powersupply you get a pretty awesome HTPC.

You also get sound over hdmi, so I'd say your best bet would be to spend a little less on your HTPC and invest in a good receiver and sound system.

Here's a review of it:

Here's a htpc I built pretty quickly(

And I know you could get it for less if you switched out some components like the hard drive and memory for something cheaper.
Thanks for the input! I totally forgot about the 780G coming out so I'll definitely look into that. My only problem now is that my Westy only has 1 HDMI input so I would have to figure something out with that. As far as the RAM and the HDD, I would probably keep those the same since the RAM is cheap and I would like 500GB of storage right off the bat.
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