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Default Re: linux makes me masochistic

I can't believe this thread is still up ha.
Since this thread, I've been running Windows 2003 Standard and do not regret doing so. The only thing I miss is users being able to run standard shell commands (like unzipping files, moving folders around, etc). I suppose I kinda miss running my eggdrop bot, but I can get past that.

Also, I'd love to bill the customer in the end, but no one is paying for it other than me. I administer the server by myself and let 20-30 people use it for their own personal sites. They pay me nothing.

Windows updates? Eh, the server was up for a month before I installed winscp (why that requires a restart I have no idea).

Also, installing linux binaries for a production server is like playing russian roulette (unless they are from the official updates). Also, a lot of exploits don't work on software you've compiled yourself due to the fact that your build is then unique. Also, I need day to day updates because people love to hack my server (I run around with a rough crowd. . . ).

I'll try debian on my next server upgrade though (then again, server 2008 looks very interesting too).
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