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Default Re: Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Originally Posted by damianraver View Post

To answer you and in which everyone has already it's your choice. Both are GREAT cards and perform very close if not better than the other. I have a GTX 260 from EVGA due to stepping up from a 9800GTX. The eye candy is jaw dropping. They bother perform very well under 1650 x 1200 anything over, GTX 260 will kill with AA on due to the 896MB. If you arent playing anything beyond 1650 x 1200 maybe go with ATi. Better buy and saves a little more. I know because my friend owns a 4750.
You have it backwords. ATI's memory management seems to be more efficient. As you scale the res/AA, the HD4870 pulls ahead of the GTX260 significantly. At 8xAA, the HD4870 has a commanding lead in most games.

Of course, the GTX260 does have other benefits, such as PhysX support, which is more prevalent now than DX10.1 support. The GTX260 has its benefits, so no need to twist facts.
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