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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Mono, I totally agree with what you're saying. I'd love to have a file server and a separate HTPC one day, but I'll have to combine the two for right now. What I thought about doing was taking my 74GB Raptor drive to use for the HTPC Vista installation, and then using the 500GB HDD just for music, movies, etc so when I do have a file server ready, I can just plug and play.
Agreed, I would highly recommend splitting your OS/App & storage drive(s). On my main system I try to keep the drive duties as separate as possible (1xOS, 1xGames, 1xStorage, 1xBackup). Also again if you are going to store important documents on there be sure to have some method of backing those documents up. If you do plan to setup a file-server later on I would suggest getting all new drives especially if plan to run some level of RAID.

If possible I would also recommend switching out that 500GB for a WD SE16 640GB. It has much higher density platters (320 vs. 250 per platter) then the 500GB which means faster access times & greater performance. For $10 dollars more you'll get close to Raptor-level performance out of your storage.

If you aren't as worried about noise (from the hard-drive at least). Be sure to disable or turn up AAM (254) using HD Tune Pro or a hard-drive utility app, this will improve your access times by a few ms in most cases.

If you eventually do look at going for a centralized file-storage system there's a few things you want to keep in mind that can be real gotchas if you don't properly plan for them:
- RAID controller performance & fault-tolerance (hardware vs. software raid), expansion support, etc.
- 2TB Volume Limitations on legacy hardware/software.
- Network design to support file-storage/access.

It has literally taken me a good month of solid research to finally get my File-Server specced the way I want it, now I'm just waiting for a few remaining components to hit the price-points I want (not to mention the new 1.5TB drives from Seagate) before I put it all together.
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