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Default Re: PSU Issue (fixed)

Latest update. I just RMA'd this card at Newegg and sent it back for replacement. I started this thread about that problem I was having. Well after thinking I solved the problem, things just continued to get worse. This card has been giving me headaches since I got it. To start I want to say I have a very stable system. With my previous 8800GTX, I can't even remember last time I had any kind of crash or instability the whole time I had it in this computer. Well that all changed from the time I put in the EVGA 280. The loss of signal to the monitor right off the bat. Replaced PSU and while I thought that problem was solved, things got worse as far a constant crashes (and yes I did try different drivers). I could play games all day long with the 8800GTX but with the 280, the same games were crashing all over the place. Today it was the usual game crashes and I'll be damned if one of the crashes resulted in loss of signal to monitor again. I finally said, "hell with this, I'm exchanging this card". Something never "felt" right since I put this card in. Even the performance didn't feel right, half the time it actually felt slower than the 8800GTX and never felt faster. I was just disappointed because I expected more. I've owned so many Nvidia cards I can't even count (back from the TNT days) and have had pretty good luck with them. My luck changed on this one.

After I took it out, I put in my second previous card which is my 7900GTX (I gave my 8800GTX to my daughter and no way could I take that away from her now). Installed the 7900GTX, fired up the same games and no problems whatsoever (other than having to turn down some things). Back to the stable system again. More confirmation that I just got a bad card.

Now I wait and reminisce with my old 7900GTX (albeit slower) until the new replacement card gets here. I hope the new card fixes my gaming headaches.
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