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Default Re: Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Originally Posted by damianraver View Post
Wow can you all stop ruining the OP's thread? Please?

To answer you and in which everyone has already it's your choice. Both are GREAT cards and perform very close if not better than the other. I have a GTX 260 from EVGA due to stepping up from a 9800GTX. The eye candy is jaw dropping. They bother perform very well under 1650 x 1200 anything over, GTX 260 will kill with AA on due to the 896MB. If you arent playing anything beyond 1650 x 1200 maybe go with ATi. Better buy and saves a little more. I know because my friend owns a 4750.

If you do go with the GTX 260, go with EVGA. Their customer service is the best that I have seen. Go to their message boards and you will see. Their Mods are active unlike other message boards. Also their mods take the time to look into your issues such as RMA or opurchases and makes sure they gettin taken care of. They give you 110% customer service.

Also they offer set-up. Which means, if you are not satisfied with your GTX 260, you can step up to a GTX 280. you jsut pay the difference of what you paid for your card. Also To do the step up you must buy from an eligilbe e-tailer, such as Newegg. They have them posted on their site, and e-bay is a big no-no!

BFG is second to none right under EVGA. They now offer a "step-up" as well from what I have heard but can't go wrong with BFG. hjav enot had anything from them but from word of mouth they are good.

XFX, don't even bother with them!!! You get third world country with customer service.

I know you're just defending your purchase but don't say things that simply aren't true. The ATI 4870 will outperform the GTX 260 with AA turned on. FYI, the 260's 896MB of memory has nothing on the 4870's 512MB DDR5. The 260 holds some advantage over a 4850 but they aren't in the same price range so who cares? Your statement about not playing anything above 1680x1050 with an ATI card is laughable at best. I play just fine at 1920x1200 with 16xAF and 4xAA in all games except Crysis with my 4870.
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