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Default Re: Convince me to buy a GTX 260

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
How about offloading physics from the CPU to the GPU? I tried this with "Warmonger" and more than tripled my FPS.

Here is the opening room in the tutorial in "Warmonger". I used 1920x with all sliders to the right, or max.

177.41 = 20FPS

177.79 + PhysX 8.07.18 = 63FPS

According to nVidia 10 titles supporting this will be out by Christmas, and 14 more next year.

This could make a lot of upcoming games that might be unplayable @ 1920x max settings, playable. That is if the game supports it. Moving from 50 to 100FPS isn't that big of a deal to me, moving from 20 to 63 is.
It remains to be see how hardware physics is going to catch-on but I do believe that if any company has the muscle to get it started, it's certainly Nvidia. I think it was a risky move acquiring Aegia, but Nvidia is no stranger to taking risks and probably 9 out of 10 times, they come out ahead.
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