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It seems like we have to wait for the PCI-X or whatever standard that allows the slot to supply 100+ watts to the peripheral card.
BALONEY! The ATI 9800 Pro card consumes a lot of power too and uses the same molex connector and it does NOT have this problem. We shouldn't let Nvidia make us wait for PCI-Express. (NOT PCI-X, thats something else.) I just bought a new 800MhHz FSB motherboard and I'm not going to throw it out now just because Nvidia can't engineer their cards properly. They'd better get out a new batch of AGP cards with this problem fixed, or they're in deep deep trouble. It will be years before all video cards are PCI-Express. What, you think everyone will go out and buy a new computer overnight?

The only missing "feature" was robust windows platform driver, and it took their team some time to get to have the driver maturity to be comparable with nvidia.
A driver maturity that they have yet to obtain! ATI Cat 3.6 drivers can lock XP hard in some games. I don't see Nvidia drivers doing that!
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