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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

How is everyone else backing their DVDs up? What format are you guys using? What codecs?

I played around with DVDShrink + Nero Recode 2 during my downtime yesterday and I tried ripping a SD DVD episode of Scrubs and then the full version of "The Last Kiss" (16:9, DVD) using two different Video Quality settings. In DVDShrink, I ripped the main movie with no compression into VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. From there, I imported it into Nero Recode 2 and set the "burn" into Nero Digital High Definition.

With the TV show, I tried two burns with an uncompressed rip:

6Mbps Video Quality - 1.09GB MP4 - DVD Quality (A little more crisp)
3.5Mbps Video Quality - 638MB MP4 - Close to DVD Quality (A little more fuzzy)

I'd really like to have DVD quality movie backups but I don't want to waste HDD space. What is the best way to get DVD quality backups, but not take up 4GB for a single movie?
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