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Default Re: Best Way Take Screenshots with SLI

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
Basic version is free. It has it's limits, for example free version only saves images as BMP, which isn't too bad, unless you take a heap and forget to go through them and convert to jpg. Also mind which button you use as the screencap button. I once had it as numberpad plus, played a few games which for some reason I had to use num +, found my screenshot dir a few months later to see it was 3gb. ::.
Ah, it didn't clearly state that... thanks. I can convert from bmp... I'm just leery of paying $37 for something that might not work, since I've had a lot of failed attempts at free screen capture programs. My tried and true UOSU has served pretty well up until this point, and now it just gives me perfectly black screens.

Fraps isn't very system intensive, eh? The screenshots of it seem to show that it's fairly simple.

Edit: Installed it at work. It looks good, now if it takes SLI screenshots I'll be very happy. Not sure why I've always avoided Fraps. I guess I assumed it was some sort of gigantic software piece more along the lines of 3DMark than something nice and small. Live and learn.
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