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Default My XFX 260 GTX XXX low 3DMark06 and Fanspeed issue

I just got my 260 GTX and wonder why the benchie is that low.

3DMark Score 9607 3DMarks 11600 VirtualMarks 32601 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score 4098 N/A 12490
SM 3.0 Score 5360 N/A 16624
CPU Score 1864 N/A 8199

System specs
X2 4800+ socket 939
A8N-SlI Premium
2GB Corsair CMX1024-3500LL Pro
B-Quiet Straight Power 650 Watt

It seems to me that the Fan Speed sticks to 40%. even in 3D. The Temps are about 65 degrees. And 55 in 2D according to gpu-z.

Any help would be appreciated, as I want to test the card thoroughly and give it back, if it's not 100% working.
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