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After reading several times your post I think you are not satisfed with my achievement. I think it sounds like ' So what, It so simple you just have to... '
I know this is the simplest task some computer user could do I spent 7 days to know that.
I was motivated to post my experiencies without trying to teach you, this post exists just to help someone to save time.


First of all , English is NOT my native language please forgive some meaningless statements

I bought a PIV 3.0Ghz Computer
I bought a Gforce4 128Mb video Card
I bought and extremly expensive OS
(redhat Personal @ $150.00USD)
I sometimes HATE Linux it is not perfect.
I don't live inside USA so when I buy I pay more.
I spent almost a week without OpenOffice & xmms with my amazing, newest, fastest, 3d support enable system.
I contacted REDHAT '-we only support 2d video card installation'.
I was looking for almost a week for a solution on Google, Altavista, ...

I was really amazed with your statement Were where you when I was looking for help?

Do you really thing I care for what causes this problem?

Do you really thing I am satisfied with my latest Redhat 9 Personal edition glibc bug included with anti-3d video support for only $150.00USD.

If it is so easy why Redhat didn't solve this before I bought it? I know you are going to say : "Look for redhat support"

I really DoN't understand!! **Thanks a lot Linux GURU's **

Where are you when we need you?
or WHat Do you want to tell us when we need something?
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