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Default Re: Crysis CPU/GPU benchmarks, post your's

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
For your information those control panel settings wont work in crysis. But most other games it will. AF works, so does TSAA if you do it correct.

So you run the game not on veryhigh, without AA and without TSAA. in 1920x1200. That makes the matter lol...
Why do I need AA at 1920x1200?

I'll remove the config. and set everything on very high to satisfy Soetdjuret.

GPU Benchmark:
Min.: 20
Max.: 33
Average: 28

CPU Benchmark:
Min.: 20
Max.: 40
Average: 30

Crysis Settings:
EVERYTHING on Very High @ 1920x1200 in DX10

Nvidia Control Panel:
16x AF
2x AA
High Quality
Transparency AA: Multisampling
Gamma Correction: On
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