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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by Xizorz View Post
Yeah it is. I'd also see if you can get higher on that memory.
I went ahead and copied Revs overclock of 700/1400/1200 and just went through a high 3DMark Vantage without any issues, temps stayed low with 60% fan... H12863. It looks like it's been my shader that's been keeping me down all along.

I did notice that Precision on my G15 was reporting a core speed of 301 instead of 700 during load, though. It was obvious that was wrong, but wonder if anyone else has seen that happen?

Edit: Okay, it seems to show 301Mhz Core when the Core/Shader is unlocked, but when locked displays just fine. Memory and Shader clocks are listed correctly. I'm guessing that the core must be going faster than 301 to provide a Vantage score like listed.

Did some game playing, no checkerboard artifacts at the above listed speeds. Looks like they're keepers.

Edit: Second edit. Found that Precision (for me at least) screwed up the core speed display once the clocks are too far apart, so at 684Mhz Core/1400 Shader it reads correctly, but at 685Mhz Core it reads 341Mhz Core. Checked with GPU-Z, though, and it reports the correct core speed. Anyone else seeing this?
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