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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I don't live in China so if I want to bash nVidia for basically laughing to my face as I bought a GTX 260 at 400$CAD with mediocre performance in KDE4 but also Compiz I will.

Because of the "reputation" nVidia got for "supporting" Linux I bought this new card. Now my friend has a laptop with a ATI X1400 and KDE4 and it makes me mad to look at the smooth performance he's getting.

I got an Intel q9450 - 8GB RAM DDR3 - Asus P5E3 X48 - eVGA Superclock GTX 260 and KDE4 (Compiz also) makes my computer feel slow.

You want me to stop bashing? I'll bash you too.

They are aware of the problems? Really? Thanks for caring so much nVidia. Maybe you'll do something before 2010. How long does it take to implement proper functionality for your hardware? 2D sucked since the 6000 series.

Don't want to go Open Sources? then fix the damn problems.

Don't want to "officially" support Linux? then stop marketing your hardware as the best solution on Linux.

I have no brand loyalty, I try to buy the best. Next time I'll shop more carefully.
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