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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
I agree dude but I was going for low cost on the case.
I may go for a cheap case right now and wait to buy a better one later. The Silverstone case I picked out is just awesome, everything just looks perfect on it. But for right now, I may just have to go with something basic. I'll keep looking for a case and then start buying some parts.

So I dabbled with DVD ripping some more and found something out. After using Nero Recode with different levels of video quality, I've noticed that the recoded movie always looked blurry . . . when using VLC. I got an idea to open up VMC and play them, just to see if VLC just had poor upscaling. Turns out that I forgot about VMC not playing MP4s lol. I changed it from MP4 to AVI and it finally played, although it wasn't the best quality. Finally, I played the DVD itself and noticed it didn't really look all that better. Maybe my PC just doesn't upscale DVDs that great? Can anybody shed some light on this?
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