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Default Re: Warhammer - Age of Reconing - WAR is coming!

Originally Posted by vampireuk View Post
How is this game coming along? I'm considering taking the plunge when it is released as I became sick of WOW.
So far it is good. I cannot say too much, due to NDA, but I will say they are doing lag stress testing right now. I will say lag will destroy the game, which is why I am glad they are purposefully causing all the people to be in the same zone (and very close together in that zone) at the same time.

It looks beautiful. The storyline is pretty good (not nearly as good as FFXI, but then again, what can compete with a Final Fantasy storyline?) and the RvR is well done.

All of my concerns are slowly evaporating, but more time is needed to say they are all gone. My only real concern still is if there will be balance between Order and Chaos. If 3/4 of the players want to be Chaos then it quickly stops being fun for those who play Order. Not sure how they will control that part, since it is up to the players.

People talk to each other and perform random acts of kindness (such as tossing a heal as I pass by a guy fighting...stopping to heal more if I think he is going to lose) and passers by are always willing to pull an extra mob off you if you suddenly find a group of mobs on you. This is wonderful, and something I hated about WOW. In WOW, no one would even talk to me, no one would tell me how to get out of the city when I was lost, etc.

I can say I think the game will be a success, and I am seriously thinking about preordering it.

One word of caution, if you do play, do not dye your lower level items, as they get replaced very quickly.
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