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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
I've been up to 760 on the core and unfortunately, I can't hold it. Better cooling might help.

Currently, I'm topping @ 749|2600 1532 unlinked. I've been using Riva Tuner to OC.

BTW if you're having trouble with Riva Tuner under Vista x64 install nTune first and accept the end user agreement in the nVidia CP, then OC with RT. I was crashing with RT before I did that.

I use RT over nTune because I unlink my shader and core so I can OC the core higher when the shader hits max.
Mine is hitting 760core no problem and my shader and mem are just like yours. I wonder if we will ever be able to push the core higher without having to up the shader? I did not have this issue with my 9800GTX, I could overclock the core regardless of what speed the shader was set to.
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