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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

We make a lot of our purchases based on the potential of running Linux. And that has included making sure the device being purchased has an Nvidia GPU.

But, with that said, Linux is an unsupported hobby for Nvidia...

Now that ATI is WILLING to help out in the development of community drivers, ATI will eventually displace Nvidia (Windows or not). But, it has been a great ride in general. Nvidia has to choose the business plan that makes the best sense for them. They have made that choice and the choice does NOT include Linux.... at least for now.

ATI's plan DOES include Linux. So does Intel. So if there is any good news, there are going to be great GPUs that work well with Linux. However, it is very likely that in the next few years... Nvidia won't be one of those. I will admit, I worked on an Intel based laptop the other day... I was VERY impressed. Intel has come a long way.

Nvidia's quality controls, as we have seen, have gone way down. I've had to replace some Nvidia GPUs over this past year because they fried (in a non oc'd BUSINESS, non gaming, environment). At this point, I'm not sure what Nvidia's business plan is. Looks like it may be self destruction (??). Maybe ranting and raving about Nvidia supporting Linux isn't the best approach. I think bolstering other companies that have chosen to support Linux is a better stance. Then Nvidia won't even matter.... or perhaps, just perhaps, Nvidia will decide that Linux users matter. We'll see.
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