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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by Blkout View Post
We don't live in a world where any single video card has the capability to run Crysis at 1920x1200 at very high detail, 16AF and 8AA. What I meant and I hoped everyone would have understood is that Nvidia optimized their current hardware design around Crysis, where ATI didn't. There is no denying that Nvidia outperforms ATI in Crysis by a considerable margin, and as a 4870 owner, I have no problem with that since Crysis isn't a game a get worked up over. ATI has nothing to be ashamed of, they won this round in my eyes. Nvidia simply has bragging rights on Crysis, so be it.
My point is that the GTX280 performs like crap in Crysis, so it was not really optimized for it. The proof for this? 1680x1050 V.High 8800GTX 17fps - GTX280 25fps... 47% increase...

Other games, supposedly not optimised gain more than that... What would true optimization be? Every game gains 50% over the last generation, but Crysis gains 100%... Instead, its the other way around. Most games gain 60-70%, while Crysis gains much less, hence not optimized...

Similar to Doom 3 and the 6800... All games had the X800XT-PE and the 6800U very close, except Doom 3 where the 6800U buried the X800... That was actual optimization because the specific game did not represent the card's overall performance...
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