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Default Re: friend casts doubts over my TV choice

Originally Posted by J-Mag View Post
Well most of the content I view is color.

Either way, you may be right, but I don't like doing these types of tests. It's a psychological thing; If I am not aware of the issue, will it bug me?

Seriously, If I had never found avsforums it probably wouldn't have taken me 3 years to get an HDTV.
That's so true. When I got my Sony LCD, I bought it after just doing a few tests in store. When I read avsforums I found out there was a known issue with clouding on some panels. I spent weeks looking for clouding and convincing myself I could see it when it didn't exist. I think the 'clouding' they were talking about was very obvious but I was looking for subtle changes in black levels around the screen and seeing things that just weren't there.
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