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Default Re: XFX 260 GTX XXX Fan issue at boot. Is it broken?

Like I explained
My old XFX 7800 GTX XXX has been starting every boot with this hairdryer noise - You may call it 100% but there's no tool to prove it -
my just arrived XFX 260 GTX XXX start every cold start with three boosts
like wwww---wwww---wwww and after that boots normally without any further noise even in crysis benxchmark at 1600x1200 High.

My problem is that this symptom is unique. XFX has - as always if You complain about a faulty product never ever heard of that and naturally it is Your inability Your mainboard or whatever. This business is incapable of admitting a mistake. They have no responsibility as soon as they got Your bucks. May they go to hell.
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