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Default Re: XFX 260 GTX XXX Fan issue at boot. Is it broken?

Thank You so much XFX Support. So at last my complaining succeeded. But the support in germany is indeed lousy, even according to inofficial informations of a big seller.

Here are my system specs
X2 4800+ socket 939
A8N-SlI Premium
2GB Corsair CMX1024-3500LL Pro
B-Quiet Straight Power 650 Watt

Your advice might be helpful. Strange enough that I seem to be the only one - and I hate this - to suffer from this symptom.

But why does my XFX 7800 GTX XXX which worked for 3 years without one single issue did its job? And Yes - at bootup it's whirling for about 5 seconds and then there's peace,

Is this really necessary? Even after 3 years this noise makes me nervous.

Tomorrow I will get the Asus P5Q and the brandnew E8600. So hopefully my card is working in that config without the triple hellride.

Nice to hear from You again

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