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Default More on PhysX...

Not sure if this has been posted already, didn;t see it... go ahead and del if so..

Looking at the benchmarks, it’s hard not to be impressed by the performance of NVIDIA’s GeForce PhysX solution. By leveraging the many-core architecture of GeForce, PhysX performance is taken to new heights. In the absolute worst case scenario, GeForce PhysX was two times faster than running PhysX on the CPU, and in most of our cases the improvement was closer to 3X. These kinds of performance improvements are significantly better than what we saw with AGEIA’s own dedicated PhysX PPU card last year, reinforcing NVIDIA’s argument that their architecture is perfectly suited for handling physics calculations.

I don't see how the cards can spare the bandwidth, sure if you're getting 100+ fps at your max res already, but with no card able to max out a game like Crysis how'd you have anything left for PhysX...


ps. god these pop-up ads are driving me nuts on this site, I can't seem to close some of them anymore... I don't want to go to ff...
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