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Default Re: friend casts doubts over my TV choice

Originally Posted by Imbroglio View Post
there's a reason for that... DLP are hands down the best picture quality available. your "friend" sounds like a brainwashed bb employee. i own a sony 60a3000 and everyone that has ever seen my tv has remarked that my picture looks 100 times better than their lcd/plasma. if your friend didn't like the picture from where he was sitting, why not just tell him to switch seats? i'll take real black levels over a thinner bezel anyday
Your TV is a nice TV.

Some small things keep it from being a really great TV.

1080P 60Htz only
Silk Screen Effect
1080i Deinterlacing is a 540P bob and not IVTC to 1080p

But it is not really comparable to a 50" or 60" Kuro Elite.

Also, I think you already know this but your TV is a Lcos, not DLP.
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