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Default Re: GTX 280 Nurien Demo Performance

Originally Posted by Acid Rain View Post
Yeah, I hear you there.

Hmmm...let me see, have fun with my wife building truly satisfying lifelong memories and accomplishing real world goals or stare at my computer screen for hours every day trying to grind out another pointless level or get another piece of useless gear....hmmm.... You might make the point that I am posting from a computer right now, but if you check my posts per day stats, you'll see I'm definitely no hypocrit.

Yeah, I really don't care for MMOs either. Now if I was single, saw no chance of finding a real woman and lacked any ambition whatsoever, sure, maybe I'd be willing to pour my life into an MMO.

I know, that wasn't the point of this thread and my post will be seen as me urinating in your cornflakes from my soapbox, but damn, I've got to piss and I like high places.

*E-pen0s enlargment complete*
You do realize this is aimed more at the teens...
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