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Originally posted by nutiu

Thanks for more theory of why flickering is happening. A ground loop is definitely on the list of possible causes.

It seems that if they don't decouple the power supply from the Molex connector and the power supply provided by the AGP slot, a ground loop is inevitable. I doubt nv has decoupled the power supply (separating the ground completely from PC's ground), because the NV35 ASIC consumes so much power that designing the power supply that way would be both inefficient and expensive. It seems like we have to wait for the PCI-X or whatever standard that allows the slot to supply 100+ watts to the peripheral card.
I don't think it'll be that expensive, a few posabilety's to salve a possible ground loop in non particular order

1#decouple the MB power path and only used it to provide the power regulator on the pcb of the gpu with an refference voltage (so that u r stil able to alter the AGP voltage)

2#electronicly short cirquit the both power cirquits with in mind that it's NOT the idea that the GPU powers the MB via the AGP conector

3# connect the both power regulators on the MB and AGP so that the same voltage is maintained in the whole cirquit

4#salve posible ground resistance so that an exact ground in the whole cirquit is used

I think that its possible to stay under the 15 dollar solution privately bought, if this would come out as the solution and if the manufactorer of the GPU's will gross order I think itl be one quater of that.

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