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Default Re: Building Another HTPC

I think I have found a case that I like, but I don't necessarily like the price. Oh well, I knew I would be spending some bucks on the case itself.

It is extremely clean looking, has 6 HDD bays and 2 optical drives; just what I wanted in a case. Also, it looks like the best way on buying this is buying the case from TigerDirect ($152) and everything else from ZZF ($339) which brings my total to $491! Not bad. This will give me plenty of room for massive storage and 1 DVD-ROM drive, 1 BR-ROM drive.

Now I just gotta talk with the future wifey to approve my purchases lol. More than likely I'll buy the case now, and the rest of the parts next month. Guess we'll see on that one . . .
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