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Originally posted by chong
Any idea what causes this whine?
Coz I've tried stopping the fan with my finger, and in 7 out of 10 tries, the whine will still persist even when the fan is not spinning.
Sorry, I wasn't clear in the text above.

What I did was that I stopped the fan a few times by pressing onto the middle area (put finger a bit off centre, tap and press to stop fan. Release. Tap and press. Release...).

It seems like out of say, 10 times, only in 3 times, the whine will be gone when the fan is stopped.
The other 7 times, the whine will persist even when the fan is not spinning!

So I ponder over the results:
1. Say if the whine is caused by the fan spinning - then the whine should stop, if I stop the fan.
But in 7 times out of 10, the whine persists even with the fan stopped!

2. So it's something else that's causing the whine. But in 3 times out of 10, stopping the fan will eliminate the whine!

So I still cannot conclude what exactly is causing it!

Some more observations:
1. Some downward pressure is needed when stopping the fan, or the whine will not go away at all.

2. Shifting the point where pressure is applied (to stop the fan) will cause the whine to mysteriously appear again, even when the fan is stopped for the entire duration.

I'm going mad and outta ideas already....
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