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Default God bless the Crysis community

Reasons why PC gamers should buy Crysis... even today:

Advanced AI

It basically makes the AI more Aggresive and Smart. They regular AI werent just cutting it for me and i believe for some.

Basically the AI will supress and do other things people might do in real life or in online shooter games like Project Reality for BF2.

Advanced Particles Mod

Alpha Version 1

*Small fires start when explosions are near buildings or foliage (not dynamic but I'm working on it :P will spread a little then go out, does not damage AI yet, I have a way of doing this but it may take a little longer to implement )
*Wood chipping much improved, 3d bits of physicalized wood splinters.
*Smoke that stays much longer
*When Cliffs are shot there are small landslides
*Dirt and Soil kicked up from explosions (Explosions on soil send a barrage of soil that will fly out)
*More dust when trees are cut
*Realistic blood spatter (OK so maybe not realistic, but Crysis need more gore :P)

I think thats everything but there may be more


Wood Cuttings (Many crates and chairs died to bring you this ;( )

Landslides and Tree dust (this screenshot doesn't do the effects much justice )

And the Gore effects (Compatible with my dismemberment mod)

Alpha Version 2

*Fire System; when an explosion is close to a house or vegitation, fires will start and eventually die down.
*Fire now damages the player and AI.
*Smoke stays for much longer after explosions.
*Enhanced battle dust; Smoke forms across no mans land.
*More 3d Particle Physics, Wood splinters, rocks, bits of concrete. All behave with realistic physics and are generated when Buildings, trees, etc are shot/exploded.
*New Blood effects, more splatter
*Explosion effects optimized for better performance
*LAW rockets form trails of smoke (Like in Killzone 2 Preview Videos)

*Lots more that I've forgotten
Natural Mod + Crysis Extreme 1.2 + Crysis Megatexture (for the graphics whores )

Realistic Forests (I hope that someone will replace the SP plants with these. It would be awesome )

Dismemberment Mod
Headshot (Version 1.0.0)

Explosion - UT style Gibbing (Version 1.0.0)

Crawling Zombies (Version 1.0.0)

Armless Zombies (Version 1.0.0)

Dying NK with no legs (Version 1.0.0)
Star Wars : Force Powers Mod

Lost World Returns Mod

Yeah the MP isn't good but overall there isn't ANY reason not to buy Crysis. Thanks to the great community, Crysis is one of the best games available today. And frankly what more can you ask? Better AI? Check. Better graphics? Check. Better textures? Check. Active community? Check. A hell of Mods (both simple Mods and Total Conversions)? Check.
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