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Happy to see this unfortunate event is getting behind you! That's the problem with even innocent cracking, it can give ideas to less innocent people...

I rarely post here so I am not really directly affected, but it is alway sad to see the memory of a community being wiped out. The daily backups are a good idea, I can't applaude it too much!

Policies such as RackShake's disk cleanning are understandable but nevertheless wrong - they act as if data and code were the same thing, and loose valuable data by fear, or lack of time to do a correct restore. That kind of fear is not understandable from professionals, and if they lack the time they could have provided you with an opportunity to do that recovery yourself with a bit of guidance (dos and donts).

But well, nothing is perfect in this world... Nvnews is up and running, and that's what is important!

Thanks for all the hard work, guys!
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