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Default SPDIF Out on X-Fi to SPDIF In on nVidia cards

My 32" Samsung TV disabled analog sound input when HDMI sound is detected. Unfortunatly, new nVidia cards enable audio through HDMI even when SPDIF isn't connected. I still wanted to use my TV and my X-Fi, so I had to find a solution. My TV doesn't have an option to use another sound source if it detects an HDMI audio signal. After failing to try and disable HDMI audio through a nVidia driver hack, I decided to find a way to get SPDIF to work. I looked and looked until I found this diagram.

I took a simple two pin cable and attached it to SPDIF0 Out and the GND next to it. Thats pin 9 and 7. I then connected the ground to the pin closest to the PCI-E power connectors on my GTX 280 and the SPDIF0 Out to the other one. I then booted up my PC and the sound worked! So after a few hours of frustration I decided to make this post for those out there who may not know that you can connect an X-Fi to the SPDIF input on the newer nVidia cards.
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