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Default Re: SLI issues/concerns and stuttering (GTX 200, 8, and 9 Series)

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
But Crossfire also suffers from this, so you can't really just blame Nforce motherboards. I've even seen some reviews on the upcoming 4870x2 suggesting it to has this issue.
The Nforce comment is about the general problems the chipsets tend to have. Note my comment about the board being unstable at stock settings. And yes, you are correct, Crossfire does suffer from it as well, right now nothing beats a single card setup for me... As I said in another thread, ATI can keep their Crossfired boards, same with Nvidia and their SLIed boards... It's in my sig too... You experience hitching, stuttering, uneven screen motion for what? Double the frame rate? It's useless when you can't game... What's even worse? The problem is more pronounced in low FPS situations... Where the second card matters the most, these problems are at their worst...

Fastest card on the market - GTX280 - The 4870x2 will have the aforementioned "features" so...
Best value for money - HD4870 - Again, the 4870x2 will have the aforementioned "features" so...

Stick with single GPU cards people... That's how I feel anyway...

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