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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

I see people concerned about microstutering, let me assure you guys I think it does exist but the situation is sort of blown out of proportion, because I personally only notices in lost planet extreme condition at high resolution and AA with 9800gtx sli and fps was 50 average, but in other games where the frame rates were sky high I never noticed it, it only seems to happen when the games are really taxing your hardware, and I dont think there is any situation with current games where the game would bring the gtx 280 sli to its knees, sometimes it is just simple stuttering that is confused with microstuttering, but when microstutter happens you can see it happening, it is hard to explain but you can see it happening, It does exist but not to an extent that it exists under all circumstances. now I have gtx 280 but I really dont see the need for sli right now as the single card even plays crysis at high and gives me close to 50fps average at 1920x1200 overclocked at 700
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