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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

I swear, this "microstuttering" thing is becoming the biggest urban legend of our time. It will probably run for president and &$^! several Hollywood starlets before we hear the end of it.

I don't know where most of you guys are getting this from. Does a game running at 40-50fps on a multi-GPU setup feel slower than single? It might (MIGHT), although it's still not that big of a difference. But if you're running a couple of high-end cards in that config--how often are your FPS actually dropping that low (40-50fps?) anyway? Almost never.

In every game I have tested so far with a Crossfire profile (90% of games) Crossfire is SMOOTHER and FASTER than a single GPU. I don't care what the game is--it has been very consistent. Now maybe SLI is different this gen than Crossfire.. I dunno. But when I had my G80s in SLI I felt most games ran better, as well. There was a tad more lag there than with a single card when running at identical FPS--something I am not seeing with Crossfire--but games were still smoother since the framerate was usually 60-80% higher than a single card in my games.

Games like Oblivion, which drop down to 35-40fps in the middle of heavy foliage with high amounts of AA, are silky smooth on a multi-GPU setup and are choppy as hell on a single GPU--even today's high-end GPUs like the 280 and 4870.

My advice to anyone considering a multi-GPU setup is this: Ignore most of the yammering about this "microstuttering" as it's an issue that may pop up 1% of the time in your games.

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