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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Originally Posted by offi View Post
Ive has same probs with my new gtx 280 runing Crysis and Furmark
when fan runs on auto. On second graphicis test on furmark mosty close to end, card can reach up to 86 90-c. Crysis around 5 to 10mins of play around 87-c. Card i have is XFX 280 xxx. its never reached 100-c or over yet but card going up in to its 80s-c after just 2 to 5mins is abit consering. I desiderd to take off auto run and have card fan runing 95% at all times mosty runing Crysis and furmark or any game thats tests your card to its limets, Now card is mosty at a temp of 64 to 73-c when runing Furmark and Crysis. i dont know why but at times i think the way it swichers from low 3d to high 3d that controls fan speeds gets its wires crosed some how.
The temps you stated could be normal (since you have the overclocked edition) but could indicate a bad airflow in your case.

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