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Default Re: So I got second GTX280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Xion X2 said it's blown way out of proportion and that he calls bull****... That's like calling people crazy and that it doesn't exist. As I said in my post, not all people notice it, but you can't say we're crazy because we're bothered by it. My point is it exists, some people are bothered by it, others are not, others don't even know it's there... I tried SLI, didn't like it, switched back. I never dictated anything to people, just to acknowledge that there is such an issue that maybe not everyone notices and it should be dealt with... Was I wrong somehow? Xion X2 wasn't reporting on his experience only, he was basically saying we're nuts... Acknowledging something doesn't mean experiencing something first hand. It means accepting its existence, ie knowing about it...

And AFAIK, people with 4870s have experienced it as well. So it's still there with the latest generation of cards, supposedly lessened but still present.
Ok lets say you're right.
Before I did reply I noticed you're going out of your way warning people about the microstuttering and what they should or shouldn't buy. So it almost looked to me like you have an agenda.

Ok lets say you're very nice guy helping people to save money.

But that also is not the case. Your signature SLI/Crossfire FTL! is no more warning. Telling people after the fact they purchased the 2 card system that they're losers doesn't help them any.
On top most off them are probably very happy with what they have so why try to spoil the fun.

The bottom line is why do you think calling people losers is any better than calling them crazy? plus the crazy calling was only your conclusion.
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